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Registration is very easy. The first step is to come into our school, pay your registration fee of one hundred and thirty five dollars ($135.00) which includes your child’s registration, one P.E. Kit, and Insurance for the first term.

Below are the documents you must bring to us copied and ready to be scanned to your child’s electronic file, along with a Registration form with all supporting documents attached with signatures of Parents/Guardians.

Registration Fee -$135.00 (with aforementioned full package inclusion), in addition to first week, month or term payments prior to arrival. (The school’s payment schedule will be given upon receipt of the first payment.)


  •  Child Birth Certificate (copy of original).

  •  Immunization Card for the child (copy of original).

  •  Passport (copy) Mother / Father or Guardian .

  •  Medical application (original) (provided at school).

  •  Students supplies list.

Cashless Zone

Lullabies and Laughter Daycare Centre is a Cashless zone. ALL payments must be made to Commonwealth Bank A/C No. 7066051433 Town Centre Mall Branch.

We will provide you with our bank’s slip which will show proof of payment. Secondly, you may WhatsApp a copy of your receipt to our business cell (422-6211).

Failure in doing so, or should you loose your receipt, and no name nor picture was given to us, there is no evidence of payment, and your child’s account automatically becomes delinquent, followed by late fee charges.

Our fees

We understand that each parent schedule is different; we have designed two-time packages to suit your budget.


  • Extended - Students who are of age but not yet ready for advance placement into larger groups.

  • Advanced - Students who can function in a regular class setting.

  • Please note that prices may vary depending on the demand a child need.


Please Note:

  • All fees paid to the school are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

  • There is a two days grace period given for all fees, after which a late fee of $35.00 is applied to the final bill.

  • Please also note that credit is not given for pandemics, sick days, vacation days, withdrawal from the school, supply fees, uniforms, books, extracurricular activities nor aftercare.

632, East Street South, Adjacent to KFC Drive thru, Nassau, Bahamas.

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