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Curriculum Offered

Our Educators

At Lullabies and Laughter Daycare Center, we are proud to support our educators, they are fully trained and continuously participates in upgrading courses so they can be effective in teaching our curriculum and inspiring the development of children in all our programs.

Our teachers are passionate and provide every child with personalized care and attention that is why we work tirelessly to help them develop their skills and further their careers, so they can become the best educators to our students and your child gets the best experience possible.

Preparing for school

The perfect stepping stone to Preschool, Early Preschool features our indicator-based curriculum, “Learn as We Grow”, which was specially designed for 19- to 24-month-old children. We help them build the routines and self-help skills that all independent learners need.

In this program, children will discover:

  • Stimulating classroom environments;

  • Exclusive indicator-based curriculum;

  • Immersive learning experiences;

  • Opportunities to gain independence;

Art Centre

This centre offers the opportunity for children to create and express themselves through free art experiences, plus sensory explore.

Curriculums offered - Abeka and S.T.E.M. Program

Introducing STEM to our early education program!

In LLDCC’s early education programs, our STEM-inspired curriculum integrates the core principles of science, technology, engineering, and math throughout classroom areas and daily routines. This connects academic skills to practical real-world applications, so learning becomes meaningful to children's everyday lives.


STEM learning encourages innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity, resulting in a capable, multi-faceted child. Through STEM, children build the skills necessary to navigate the world around them. Making connections between diverse skills and concepts is the way children learn best.

How STEM Works

We all know the classic story of the Three Little Pigs. With STEM, this familiar tale can truly come to life through a variety of learning experiences and discussions.

  • Read the story. Offer critical-thinking questions, such as “Why do you think that happened?” (Language Arts)

  • Introduce the three types of building materials used by the pigs and discuss their characteristics. (Science)

  • In small groups, work together to design and build a pig house. (Engineering)

  • Use a variety of tools and materials in the construction of pig houses. (Technology)

  • Test the durability of each structure. (Science)

  • Chart the outcomes of the durability tests and compare the results. (Math)

  • Discuss and hypothesize other ways to build a house to keep the wolf out. (Science/Engineering)

  • Create a new collaborative class version of the story, using the children’s ideas. The story can be written with the classroom tablet. (Technology)

Abeka and S.T.E.M. Program

The Abeka curriculum is known for its successful early reading program, developed, and refined for nearly 20 years before its publication.

It is an intensive (or synthetic) phonics approach (learning letter names, sounds, blends, words) with the focus first on learning to read (K–2) and then on reading to learn.

Moreover, Abeka writes, designs, produces, and sells all manner of educational products and resources to help both home school parents and Christian school staff teach the core academic subjects such as (Language Arts,

Arithmetic/Mathematics, Science/Health, as well as music, art, foreign languages, and other electives.

For all extracurricular Activities!

Ballet, Karate, Swimming, coming soon

632, East Street South, Adjacent to KFC Drive thru, Nassau, Bahamas.

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