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Who We Are

Lullabies and Laughter Day Care Centre, was incorporated on December 16, 2015, and officially opened it’s doors in March 2017.

Lullabies and Laughter Day Care Centre is managed and Directed by a Board of Directors. We believe in an integrated program that involves your children, the parents, and our staff. We are located #632 East Street South, Nassau, The Bahamas.

Toddlers want to go everywhere and do everything. So, our highly trained teachers take great care to create a well-charted toddler territory geared for exploration, excitement, and exercise.

In a safe, organized environment, toddlers are given a variety of choices for learning experiences that help develop their brain, personality, behaviour, and health.

Our teachers and classroom spaces encourage toddler exploration with stimulation that promotes cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development.

Our teachers are passionate about childcare and about providing opportunities for your toddler’s advancement and growth. Our teachers’ mission is to guide your toddler’s every new step and provide endless opportunities for development and discovery.

In our toddler classroom you can be certain you will find:

  • Teachers reading books. Reading together helps your infant develop a love and familiarity with books. Reading aloud also helps your child’s vocabulary grow as he/she has many chances to hear new words and sounds.

  • An environment with quality educational materials and learning experiences that evoke and satisfy your babies and toddlers natural curiosity. Our teachers implement learning activities based on your child’s developmental stage and interests.

  • A schedule that is flexible to allow for your child’s individual needs while ensuring that your child can experience a wide variety of activities and stimulation throughout the day.

  • Parental education is important, and we encourage you to ask questions regarding your child’s activity, nutrition, growth, and development. Flexibility of the program is important, as the needs of toddlers are constantly changing and developing. A positive and happy staff, a trusting relationship between caregiver and the child, clean and well-organized environment, room to play, indoors and outside, in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our components of an early childhood curriculum, developmentally appropriate experiences, engaging classroom spaces and responsive teacher-child relationships. All are designed to engage your child’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development.

632, East Street South, Adjacent to KFC Drive thru, Nassau, Bahamas.

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