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Toddlers Supplies List

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Toddlers Supplies List

Supplies list for Rising K2 to K5

Attention Parents/ Guardians:

We will arrange a time and date that is convenient for you to drop off school supplies for additional sanitizing and inventory (please adhere to social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand sanitizing procedures).

Therefore, please label and place all items in the bin before bringing it to school. Bins may be purchased from any store of your choice a photo of the bin is on page two.

Going forward, no child will be allowed to share toys; nor washable plates, spoons, and cups.

This bin will help us to control this new procedure. At the end of each day, toys will be sanitized air-dried and place back in the child’s storage container.

Below are the list of items you must bring for your child for the upcoming new semester:

  •  2 Cans Lysol spray (Mandatory)

  •  2 Lysol wipes (Mandatory)

  •  2 Hand sanitizer/ hand soap

  •  1 Large Box Kleenex

  •  1 Large box wipes

  •  2 packs of computer papers (Regular size)

  •  4 rolls tissue

  •  2 rolls hand towel

  •  4 Pk disposable plates (1 ½ month’s supply)

  •  4 Pk disposable spoons ( 1 ½ Month’s supply)

  •  4 Pk disposable forks (1 ½ Month’s supply)

  •  1 pk disposable cups (1 ½ Month’s supply)

  •  2 coloring books

  •  4 dry erase markers for whiteboards

  •  1 Pencil case

  •  2 packs Large Crayons

  •  2 School glue

  •  1 of each Washable paint red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and brown

  •  3 paint brushes

  •  2 black & white books (K3-K5) 1 black and white book for (K1 and K2 students)

  •  2 plastic pocket folders

  •  4 jumbo pencils

  •  1 large sharpener

  •  2 large erasers

  •  1 Art smock

  •  BIN with Cover (Dimensions 16.8x13.3x11.3 inches 30-quart container (all personal effects will be kept in each child’s storage container (easier for sanitizing) Mandatory***

  •  2 Large pk construction paper

  •  2 sets of change of clothing in a zip-lock bag with extra diapers/pull-ups for K1/ K2

Coming very soon students ages 4 and 5 will be working on tablets / computers.

Home-work, newsletters, and other activities will be sent digitally via child’s email/ Whats App.

Textbooks are purchased at School. Rates vary depending on the pricing from Abekas' Site.

Please note

This list may be amended from time to time with notice given to you.

Step 1: Purchase supplies from any store of your choice.

Step 2: Label all items with the child’s first and last names.

Step 3: Attractively package items in a bag and drop off to school before the start of the new school week which will give our team ample time to properly document what was received and what may be missing.

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